Can A Lender Change My Mortgage Terms?

Secrets about whether or not a lender can change your mortgage terms.

When you sign up to borrow money for a mortgage, the rates and terms you are originally given may change. Depending upon the agreement you have been given, the company may or may not have the right to change your terms. Terms may change in a few different ways. Your interest rate could change if it is variable. Meaning that with market fluctuations, the amount you pay changes as well. The term of the loan could be changed as well. that would mean that you may have less time to pay off the total amount due.

Why Can A Lender Change Your Mortgage Terms?

They may have the right if you agreed to it in the terms and conditions. You should carefully review a mortgage offer thoroughly so that you are not surprised by sudden changes. These changes could significantly alter the amount you have to pay per month, and the overall interest. Just a few fractions of a percentage could mean thousands of dollars. You should try to lock in a mortgage rate, so that the lender can not change it over the life of the loan.

How Can You Avoid Mortgage Term Changes?

Determine whether or not the agreement you sign allows a lender to change your mortgage term. Understanding what you are getting yourself into is the best way to avoid confusion. Use a reputable lender that has a long history of doing right by it’s customers. If the terms were to change, your payments may become unaffordable leaving you scrambling to make up the extra money. Consumers should do as much investigating as possible to make sure that their terms and rates will not be altered at the lenders will. Unfortunately yes, a lender can change your mortgage terms in some situations.

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