Are Widows of Veterans Eligible for VA Loans?

Tips to help you understand the qualifications for a VA loan as a widow.

Anyone who has served in any branch of the United States Armed Forces is eligible for a VA Home Loan. It is generally available to those who were honorably discharged. Members of certain organizations such as public health services or military cadet groups may also be eligible. There are some special rules for widows or spouses of veterans.

Qualifications for Widows

Widows of veterans generally are eligible for the VA loan. There are several qualification rules that must be met. The veteran normally must have been honorably discharged. There are some circumstances where a dishonorably discharged veteran may still qualify, so then the widow would still qualify also. The widows of disabled veterans will qualify as long as they have not remarried and she was married to the veteran for at least ten years. If the widow has reached age fifty seven and was remarried after she had reached that age, she may still qualify.

Wartime Service

Veterans who served during wartime and during the peace times of certain years will definitely be qualified as will the widows of these veterans. The same rules hold true for widowers of veterans. Wartime service indicates the years during WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In most instances at least ninety one days must have been served.

Peacetime Service

Peacetime service would be for those who served during the years in between the wartime years and after these years in the seventies and early eighties. Veterans must have served at least one hundred and eighty one days of continuous service.

Veterans Administration home loans have many rules that must be met in order to be eligible. The Department of Veterans Affairs website has all the information you will need.

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